Affiliate Marketing

The concept of Affiliate marketing is great: Join an affiliate program promote and make sales and get big commissions!

Affiliate marketing spend in the US is expected to rise to over $6.82 billion by 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of 10%

11 Affiliate Marketing Tips:

  1. Build an Email List (The money is in the List!) Join Aweber or Mail Chimp for Free! Aweber lets you have up to 500 email subscribers and Mail Chimp allows you up to 1000 subscribers in their Free accounts.
  2. Promote Products that you use and believe in. Choose High Quality Affiliate Products & Offers
  3. Create Valuable Content to drive Traffic to your offers
  4. Offer Special Bonus to give the buyer an incentive.
  5. Use the 4 P's of Marketing: Place, Product, Price & Promotions
  6. Use Keyword Research to find the best target keywords for your Niche.
  7. Leverage Influencers to get Traffic to your offers.
  8. Video Marketing
  9. Use Solo Ads
  10. Use Blogging and articles and good SEO
  11. Use Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more...

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